PicoPulser with Manual Control


Lowest cost on the market

Ultra small in size

Easy to operate

Wide receiver bandwidth: up to 30 MHz

Pulser switch-off during data acquisition for low noise operation

Wide-range dynamic gain

Selectable single and dual transducer mode with a switch

Selectable internal and external trigger with a switch

Adjustable pulse voltage and pulse width with potentiometers


PicoPulser is an ultrasonic pulser/receiver that can be used as a standard desktop pulser/receiver. The PicoPulser transmits a high voltage pulse with adjustable pulse width when triggered by an external trigger signal or by the internal PRF timer. The receiver on the PicoPulser then processes the received signal through the amplifier and a band pass filter. Then the signal is ready at the RF connector for an oscilloscope to display or an analog to digital converter to digitize.

The PicoPulser can be triggered with a TTL trigger source in the external trigger mode.

The adjustable parameters include pulse width, pulse voltage, and gain with potentiometers by using a small screw driver. The selectable parameters include transducer mode (single element or dual element), and internal trigger/external trigger. Customized parameters can be done upon request.

Applications include disease diagnostics for medical field, and thickness measurement / flaw detection for industrial inspection and research laboratory. PicoPulser is also a good tool for university graduate students to conduct their experiments and write their thesis.


Pulse Voltage   -70V to -300V adjustable with potentiometer

Pulse Shape     Square wave

Pulse Width     30 ns to 480 ns adjustable with potentiometer

Damping          1kΩ (optional value available)

Internal Trigger  100 Hz (optional PRF available)

EXT TRIG Level            TTL 5V

Receiver Gain   -10 dB to 80 dB adjustable with potentiometer

Bandwidth        30 MHz

Trigger Source  External or internal with a switch

Maximum PRF  2,000 Hz in external trigger mode

Probe Frequency   1 MHz to 20 MHz

SYNC Out Signal     3.3V / 1 microsecond

Quiet Signal Time   250 microseconds

Transducer Mode   Single (pulse/echo) or dual (through transmission) switch selectable

RF Output Signal    +/-500mV into 50 ohm load

Dimensions             4.75"x2.75"x1.3” (120x70x33mm) including BNC connectors

Weight                      0.5 pound (230 g)

Connectors              4 BNC connectors: Pulse out (TX), receiver in (RX), signal out (RF), and trigger in/out (Trigger)

Working Condition   0°C to 50°C (optional -40°C to 50°C)

Humidity                   20% to 90% no condensing

Power Adapter         Input: 120VAC/60Hz or 240VAC/50Hz       Output: 12VDC@500mA                         

Options - Output Voltage:   -350V

                                               - Customized filters

                                               - Damping resistor value

                                               - PRF in internal trigger mode

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PicoPulser       Low cost, wide band desktop ultrasonic pulser/receiver           Download PDF data sheet
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