PCIAD850 and PCIAD1650 Simultaneous Data Acquisition Boards


·        Up to 50 MSPS digitization rate for each channel with user-selectable 8 or 10-bit resolution

·        Simultaneous data acquisition for selected channels or all channels

·        Supports up to 16 channels per board and many boards per computer

·        Wide-range dynamic gain for different input voltage ranges

·        Adjustable DC offset

·        Oscilloscope software for Windows 2000/XP and Win7 32-bit

·        Windows software development kits for C/C++, Visual BASIC, and LabVIEW

·        Optional encoder counters for position-based data acquisition

·        Optional distance amplitude correct (DAC) for all the channels


PCIAD850 and PCIAD1650 are analog to digital data converter boards with simultaneous acquisition.  The PCIAD850 supports 8 channels while the PCIAD1650 supports16 channels.  At each trigger event (software trigger or external trigger), all the channels will simultaneously convert the analog signals to digital data with user selected post trigger delay and waveform length. Other programmable parameters include sampling rate, trigger source, trigger rate, gain, DC offset, low and high pass filters.  Both boards feature user-selectable 8 or 10-bit resolution and up to 50 mega samples per second. 

Multiple boards can be installed in the same computer for a data acquisition system with more than one hundred channels. With one board set as the master and remaining set to slave mode, all channels on the slave boards will start taking data upon receiving a trigger signal from the master board.  The jitter between channels is less than 2 nanoseconds.

The gain adjustment can be calibrated to a specified range in the factory.  It can also be adjusted for ultrasonic testing purposes.

Working with US Ultratek’s PHA8(T) and PHA16(T), the PCIAD850 and PCIAD1650 boards become a simultaneous multi-channel ultrasonic testing system with phased array capabilities. The phased array system has both single pulse and tone burst pulse capabilities.

The optional distance amplitude gain (DAC) sets various gains at different times during the acquisition. This is useful for the ultrasonic inspections.

Up to 2 encoder counters can be added to the board to enable position-based data acquisition.



Global Parameters:

Sampling Rate:         50, 25, 12.5, 6.25, 3.125, 1.5625, 0.78125 and 0.390625 MHz

ADC Resolution:      8 or 10 bits (software selectable)

Trigger Source:         Internal, +External or –External

Data Acquisition:      All-channel simultaneous acquisition

Trigger Delay:           32K samples

Waveform Length:   4 to maximum memory samples/channel in 4 sample steps

Memory:                     4K samples/channel (up to 32K samples optional)

Auto Trigger Rate:    Programmable 10 to 5000 Hz in 10 Hz increments

Low Pass Filter:        All, 16, 7.3, and 4.8 MHz

High Pass Filter:       4.8, 1.6, 0.6, and 0.016 MHz

Channel Based Parameters:

Input Range:             +/-1, +/-0.5, and +/-0.1 volts software selectable, or continuous gain adjustment

Gain:                          -12 to 84 dB (0.01 dB steps)

DC Offset:                 -0.625V to +0.625V in 5mV increment for each Channel


Jitter:                          2 ns between channels on different boards

Data Transfer Rate:    80 MBPS from on-board memory to computer RAM

Computer Interface:    PCI bus

Operating System:       Windows 98/2000/XP and Win7 32-bit

Software Support:        Software development kit for C/C++, LabVIEW, and Visual BASIC

Interconnection:       Board to board interconnection for trigger and sync clock via a ribbon cable

Connectors:              Standard 16 BNC socket connectors or user specified


             Distance amplitude correction (DAC)

             Up to 2 encoder counters

             Up to 512K memory for each channel

             Trigger in and sync out connector

             Matching ultrasonic simultaneous firing boards and phased array boards: PHA8, PHA8T, PHA16, and PHA16T

Part Numbers:
PCIAD1650       16 Channel 50MHz simultaneous A/D converter Board with 16 BNC (or SMB) connectors         Download PDF data sheet
PCIAD850          8 Channel 50MHz simultaneous A/D converter Board with 8 BNC (or SMB) connectors
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